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Pregnancy Question: “How is my weight?”

“Dr. Petersen, how is my weight?”
Frequent, I get asked “How is my weight?” at prenatal
I, in turn, respond with a question of my own:   “How do YOU feel about your weight”?
I ask this because weight gain, in a lot of ways is up to the individual patient.  Why?  Because, in truth, the weight that you gain is the weight you will have to lose after the pregnancy.   It is recommended that we gain SOME weight in pregnancy.   » Read more about: Pregnancy Question: “How is my weight?”  »

Knowledge is POWER!

New Online Feature:  Women’s Health Tab
For those of you that haven’t stumbled across it, I’ve got a special tab marked “Women’s Health” near the upper right hand corner of the screen.  (Please see the screenshot below)

I highly recommend checking it out.  I am VERY EXCITED because it possesses a wealth of knowledge pertaining to many of the questions a number of patients typically have.
Click here and you’ll be directed to the tab where you can view additional info on:

Pregnancy and Childbirth
Medical Testing
Healthy Lifestyles

I also have some interactive tools that will allow you to determine:

If you are at risk for osteoporosis
The progress of a young embryo develop over 9 months
When you are most fertile
Your due date
Your need for certain health screenings
Your stress level
How well you “bounce”  » Read more about: Knowledge is POWER!  »

Yes, this inquiring mind would like to know…

Hello everyone!
Welcome to my first official “blog” post.  So glad you’re here!
First, I wanted to start by saying that for those of you that allow me to take care of you now, I am truly grateful.  Thank you SO MUCH for letting me have the chance to be your OB-GYN.  Working with you and getting to know you all  each and every day is a blessing.  For those of you that have found your way here that are not currently patients of mine,  » Read more about: Yes, this inquiring mind would like to know…  »